Lactating Wives

Lactating Wives Well this site has about several dozen models. All of them are nice young babes with slim bodies and full round tits that of course are full of milk. Most are white with some different races mixed in. All of them have big hooters dripping with hot milk!

The site layout is done up in a light brown with blue top and white foreground. Not my choice for colors, but it is ok. The top navigation is clear, with links to pictures, updates, movies and the bonus section. Nothing new here, it’s easy to get around, boring but functions.

Now this site says lactating wives, but the action is more of a lesbian bondage site! The sexy babes get tied up and their tits pulled, squeezed and milked with kinky milking machines. Most of this is done by other hot babes as they suck tits and lick pussy while the milk chicks are tied up helpless. There is some standard guy fucking and sucking too. Lots of hardcore bondage with the babes being milked and abused.

It was hard to figure out how much content was inside so I took an educated guess. I’d say around 7,000 or so pictures, most standard quality, clear and clean but not high resolution. There are hours of video, again about standard quality, clear and lots of close ups of the bondage action and tits milked. All of it is downloadable.

They update the site every week with new pictures and videos so you get lots of fresh porn. Also once you join you get access to 12 other sites, which make it all very worth while. The extra sites are really different, everything from teen, to public sex to older men, something for everyone. So if you want to see lactating women getting tied up and abused by lesbians, their big tits milked hard, plus have access to 12 other sites, you really get your money’s worth with this one.

Quick Review

The Models: Dozens of hot sexy babes with big tits full of milk. All are slim to full bodied, none fat. All have big round boobs that are ready to be milked.
Movies & Pictures: It’s hard to say with this site how much they have. My guess is around 7,000 or so pictures, standard quality and clear. There are hours of videos, about average in quality, lots of close ups of the action. All are downloadable.
Type of action: For a site named lactating wives they sure have a lot of lesbian action! Has a lot of chicks sucking on others tits, licking up that hot milk. Lots of bondage with them getting their tits milked by machines and squeezed. Has some pussy licking and toy playing, but most of it about milking those tits.
Updates: They update new porn about once a week.
Bonus: You get free access to 12 other sites. The sites are a wide variety of porn, from teen, public sex, older men, everything!
Price: $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days.

Lactating Wives

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