Lactation Fantasy

Lactation Fantasy This site is fairly new, which is both good and bad. Bad because there is not a huge amount of content. Good because all the pictures and movies are in HD quality, so what you see is very clear, detailed and sharp. Also they use cool sets and situations. There are a little over 45 models, all lactating or pregnant. They all are very beautiful and curvy women with big tits full of milk. They are of all race and color.

The site has a black background with gray and yellow lettering and boarders. It makes the bright pictures and video really pop out on the screen. A standard top navigation is used, with links to pictures, movies, updates and support. Easy, clear and sharp.

The models do a wide range of things inside. Some just pose, getting naked and then squeezing their tits so you see the streams of milk that shoot out. Others do a bit more, tying ropes around the tits and pulling, pushing that white milk all over. Some get their boobs sucked hard on by other men and women, having their milk licked up. There is some lesbian action, some milking machine action, a bit of everything. The pregnant women get naked too, showing off their big bellies. A nice display of everything with big tits always the focal point getting milked.

The huge pictures are very high resolution, sharp and clear with a slick look. They have over 10,000 all downloadable in zip files. As for the videos, they have a little over 12 hours of HD video that is very high quality, like watching a movie. They have a lot of close up, detailed shots of that sweet milk squirting out of those big swelled nipples.

They update every week with a new picture and HD video set. So their content will soon be big, and it is all of the highest quality. This site is for the dedicated lover of women lactating and pregnant. Lots of milk squirting from all kinds of big tits from lots of sexy models, what more could you want!

Quick Review

The Models: Over 45 models that are pregnant or lactating. All kinds of shapes and sizes, but all with big perky tits filled with milk. Lots of different races too.
Movies & Pictures: Over 10,000 pictures of super high resolution taken by pro photographers. Lots of close ups of the milking action. Downloadable in zip files. The movies are in HD quality, very crystal clear with detailed close ups. There is currently over 12 hours of it, downloadable.
Type of action: Lots of lactating and pregnant girls getting their tits squeezed and milked. Some lesbian action, girls and guys sucking tits, lots of cool milk squirting and tits being squeezed by ropes. Not much fucking, it’s all about the tits and milking.
Updates: Fresh big tits with milk action is uploaded each week for your viewing pleasure!
Price: $24.95 for 30 days, then 19.95 recurring every 30 days. Or $44.95 for 90 days, then 44.95 recurring every 90 days.

Lactation Fantasy

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