How much milk does Angelica hold?08.25.08

These milky tits are ripe and full

You know, after looking at these hot pictures of Angelica, I wonder just how much milk is in her ripe full breasts. She shoots stream after stream of creamy breast milk and never seems to run out! Not only that, but every stream is thicker than the last; you can clearly see the sweet warm droplets arcing from her swollen nipples as she takes aim and squeezes! She can shoot straight up and catch her own breast milk on her tongue, a skill I’m sure comes in handy (and which I would like to see more of). Whether she’s slowly squeezing out rich sweet droplets, or trying to shoot you from across the room, after checking out her hot lactation galleries one thing is certain; Angelica is packing at least a gallon in each of her creamy smooth milk jugs.

Click here to see Angelica shoot streams of milk from her swollen tits!

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Bigger lactating boobs08.24.08

Sisters will compete over the strangest things. They will fight about clothes, hair, boys and in the case of these two lusty Latinas, they fight over who has the biggest, best lactating breasts! Jovana grabs the tape measure and starts wrapping it around her sister, drawing it tight to make those creamy milk jugs seem as small as possible. Of course, with that sort of pressure on her heavy hooters, the milk lets down and starts flowing almost instantly. Her nipples point upwards just a little bit, so her milk covers her entire breast as it shoots upward, then trickles down. Look at the way it streams and soaks through her bra – those rock hard nipples poking into the silky fabric as she squirts; streams of sweet breast milk running down her tummy and waiting for an eager tongue to lap them up!

I don’t care which way her nipples point – I just want to see them spurting creamy breast milk!

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